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In 1917...

An Idea Is Born

Our church was organized in 1909 by a small group of devoted people who met in the former Hudson's Bay Company manager's house at Fort Nisqually. In 1916 the Villagers worked hard to raise funds to build the First Church of Dupont on land donated by the DuPont Company. The building was completed in 1917 and was fondly known as "The Little Brown Church." It was later dubbed the "Campside Church" when it began ministering to the needs of soldiers from Camp Lewis (now Fort Lewis) during WWI.

At some point, the church was enfolded into the Presbyterian denomination. In recent years, DuPont Presbyterian Church was renamed "Community Presbyterian Church of DuPont" due to its service to the greater community. The beautiful stained glass windows were a memorial gift. Later, an outdoor ramp was added to the original structure for wheelchair accessibility. The roof was replaced in 2009 by generous donor. A second outdoor ramp was created so the disabled and older folks can more easily go to the downstairs fellowship hall, restrooms and nursery.

It still functions today as a historical landmark and vital gathering point for the community of DuPont. Church members have continued to volunteer their time to restore the original woodwork, such as the antique pews, and maintain the building. When the church was recently painted, the Historical Society of DuPont painted the new interpretive sign to match the new color of the church and fit the theme of other historical sites around town.

Over the Years...

Presbyterians are also known as a "creedal" church in that we affirm the early creeds as valuable tools to summarize our core beliefs as taught in scripture. Although the church has birthed several different denominations from its Reformed roots, the largest by far has been the PCUSA.

 In 2017 we trasferred from the PCUSA to the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO). Here is a link to explore more about our new denomination:

Our church in DuPont continues to affirm the reliability and authority of scripture in ways that have guided Reformed-minded churches for centuries. We also embrace what are known as the "orthodox" teachings of the Bible regarding the main tenants of Christianity, including the triune nature of God [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] and the essential work of Christ's atonement for our salvation.

Driving down Barksdale Avenue in the "village" part of DuPont (the original settlement built by the DuPont Company) is like a throwback to an earlier time. The lovely cherry blossom trees line the streets, welcoming guests and residents to pleasantly step back to an earlier era.

Backed up to a lovely park, the church is the perfect setting for summer church picnics and charming weddings. 

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