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Our Style

We enjoy what is known as a "Blended Service" that includes traditional hymns and some liturgy along with a few contemporary songs. The Bible centered  preaching helps us learn about God and what it means to follow Him.

If you are seeking solid, relevant biblical learning along with a friendly group of Christ-seekers, you will feel very comfortable in our church.

Christ-Centered /  Biblically Sound / Grace-Filled

The members and friends of DuPont Community Presbyterian Church invite you to visit our services and activities. We seek to be a loving community who welcomes everyone who comes through our doors in search of spiritual, physical, and emotional encouragement. Our focus is Christ-centered, our beliefs are grounded in the Bible, and our mission is to share the truth of Jesus and His saving work on the cross with our community and the world around us. Our purpose within the church is to develop people's spiritual maturity to love God more deeply, love one another in Christ-like ways, and to equip our congregation for meaningful ministry. 

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